Weekly Devotion

Letters from God

Letters From Christ

It’s good that Paul wrote “letters from God” rather than texts or emails from God. There’s an expression that says if you’re angry with someone, wait a day before you email or text them. Sleep on it. Letters work differently. Letters are composed with much more deliberate thought and compassion.


The Most Expensive Lunch I’ve Ever Had

The weekend wasn’t good. The last we heard from our daughter was a plea for help a week before. While it wasn’t life-threatening, it was undoubtedly a roadblock. She tends to go into dark places when things aren’t going well, and silence from her is very loud to a parent. It’s like a loud cry.


I’m a Long Way from Where I Was

“With three weeks left on a mission trip to Belize, I felt a lump in my throat,” Mike revealed. “I knew I couldn’t do anything about it until I got home. And over two months, I had multiple tests, but they all kept coming back inconclusive.”



Days before Christmas in 1995, Sharletta Evans was in the wrong place at the wrong time while passing by an apartment complex in the middle of a gang drive-by. Bullets were flying.


Let Go and Let God

“Well, I am a bus kid,” (P) began. “I was in elementary school, and I had a friend down the street whose mom worked full time and was a single parent. And she started getting picked up by a school bus and taken to a church. This allowed my friend’s mom to work on Sundays, and my friend could go to church. One day, she just invited me.”

The Flip Side of Anger

The Flip Side of Anger

“I’m sorry we are late,” he said with a large grin, “I just came from my anger management class.” I had only known my friend for a few months, so I wasn’t entirely sure he was telling me the truth. (D) is a warm, cheerful, engaging man with a heart larger than his frame.


Lead me to the Cross

During my reading this week, I came across a passage in 1 Corinthians that jumped off the page at me. The verse is so perfect and straightforward; I don’t know why I never recognized its power before. Immediately, I shared it with friends and family. It was like popping the top off a shaken can of Coke.

Living for Jesus - My Utmost for His Highest

Living for Jesus – My Utmost for His Highest

“I told him I would never love you less.” My friend (T) recently walked me through his long journey of faith. “I have never been shy about my faith,” he continued, “and while in college, my roommate started finding challenges with Calculus.” That was my experience in Pre-Calculus, I thought.

Wherever God's Will is, I'm Good

Wherever God’s Will is, I’m Good

I was recently notified by a church email that he was on life support, and the outlook wasn’t favorable. I couldn’t call him, so I left a message on his phone telling him that I loved him and was praying for him.


True North — Pointing Me Towards Redemption

True North is a reference to the direction of the North Pole from any given point. I find that I use this phrase often to describe my situation or when I check to see if I’m on the right course and right direction. I caught up with a working colleague and friend (J) to learn more about how God is working through his life.

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