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Weekly Devotions

How Great Thou Art

December 8, 2023

She asked everyone she knew. God put the right people in her life at the right time. One friend drove almost 900 miles with a container of antlers for her.

Salt, Light, and Orange Juice

December 1, 2023

It’s strange when some people have an influence on our lives, and we don’t even know them. For me, it was Wayne Dyer, an author and motivational speaker. While his perspectives didn’t substitute for the teachings of God, they complemented my commitment to leading a life centered around Christ.

God’s People Perish for Lack of Knowledge

November 17, 2023

She added, “I just thought that was a very interesting question because it’s not what most people ask when they first meet you. He wanted to know if the person who was going to be taking care of him believed in the power of prayer and healing.”

The Other Side of the Rain

November 10, 2023

They were leaving the harbor as they approached the Sound, and he described it as a perfect late summer sunset. The lighting was so dramatic he claimed God must have painted it. Not long after, we were told about ominous, dark storm clouds rushing towards their boat. The storm was upon them so fast they didn’t have time to turn around and make it out of the sound in time.

Something of Value

November 3, 2023

When I take the time to pray and reflect, I’m reminded that they are just things. Worship the Creator, not the created, I learn.

We Win!

October 27, 2023

“So at times in my life, whether I was going through the difficulties of Army Ranger school or being deployed, or whether it’s through kids’ sicknesses, those were times when God has reminded me that, ‘Hey (J), you think you’re in control? It’s all an illusion.’ Those are times when God says, ‘I’m the one who’s in control, and you really need to look to me for answers in good times and bad times.’”

Truth is a Difference Maker

October 20, 2023

Sometimes on Facebook I’ll infinitely scroll, looking for one funny, memorable, or newsworthy prize after another, only to realize I’ve just wasted 30 minutes doing nothing. This time was different. My friend doesn’t post whimsical or provocative things. She’s authentic and going through real things now, battling cancer for the second time.

My Wife’s Testimony

October 13, 2023

For years, one of my friends has asked my wife, Jennie, what her story or testimony is. Not every believer has an earth-shattering, lightning strike, bottom-of-the-barrel experience, but if we have a relationship with Jesus, we have a story to tell.

Chosen By God

October 6, 2023

God’s love is abundant. It’s evident from a friend’s hug to a loved one’s tears. We might think no, no, no, this is our love, but God’s love permeates every relationship we have. The clay pot can’t decide what to be on its own; the potter creates it for the specific purpose He has in mind.

God Loved Us First

September 29, 2023

Unlike God, I didn’t have the patience and wisdom to handle the situation as I should have, but like a loving father, I also realized its insignificance in our relationship and reached out to her.

Weekly Devotions

We are forming a network with ministry partners with the goal of teaching the bible throughout the world. If you are interested in doing a conference on a book of the bible, getting help with leading Sunday school classes or small groups studying books of the bible, or training for teachers please click the button below to start a discussion.

Transformation Bible Ministry Leadership

David Silver

Dr. David Silver

Dr. David Silver has been practicing Internal Medicine as a primary care provider for over twenty years in the Baltimore area. He studied at Reformed Theological Seminary in the Washington area and developed a heart to teach the gospel and books of the bible. He is the founder and President of a non-profit ministry called Transformation Bible Ministries (TBM).

LaRue G. Lennon

LaRue G. Lennon

LaRue G. Lennon lives in Westminster, Maryland with her husband, Robert Lennon. They are the parents of four adult sons. She is a member of Covenant of Grace Presbyterian Church, PCA, Reisterstown, MD where she serves as a Stephen Minister. In Westminster, she practices law in the areas of estate planning and administration and serves as a volunteer mediator with Community Mediation Maryland.

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