Weekly Devotion


Imitators of God

The ground beneath their self-righteous feet shook as Jesus turned their world upside down, challenging their pride and revealing that true worth lies in the transformative power of love and grace.

Lead Me, Guide Me

Lead Me, Guide Me

God’s word is the most powerful tool available to share God’s glory with our world. God’s word is perfect, and so is the purpose behind it. The prophet Isaiah was writing to the people of Israel, instructing them to trust the Lord with all their hearts. God’s ways are not our ways!

A Matter of Perspective

A Matter of Perspective

Answering calls to serve God, Jim Elliot and the four other missionaries were killed deep in the jungles of Ecuador while aiming to share the gospel with the unreached Huaorani people. They were aware of the dangers inherent with this mission, but their passion sought to bring the love and teachings of Jesus Christ to those who had not yet heard about Him.

Hope and a Future

Hope and a Future

Protocol and common sense told (M) to wait for appropriate climbing equipment or an extraction team — but something deeper was going on. Something bigger. When we’re in the middle of chaos, we must rely on something.


All Night, All Day (Angels Watching Over Me)

It had come back. For the third time, my mother-in-law’s breast cancer had reared its horrific, nasty, ugly head. A week after our baby boy was born, my in-laws came down for what we thought was a happy congratulatory visit, and it turned out to be a moment of somber news.


Bear Another’s Burden

With over a mile to go on an injured knee, D’Agostino helped up her competitor. “Although my actions were instinctual at that moment, the only way I can and have rationalized it is that God prepared my heart to respond that way.


You Can’t Know People if You Don’t Talk with Them

I told him that running clears my head. It’s prayer, worship, and meditation time for me without distractions from my phone. “Man, I like that! I get the same feeling when hunting or hiking,” (D) replied. He smiled, “I talk with God every chance I get. He is so good. So perfect.”


Without Loss, There is No Hope

On a few occasions, I have written about a friend suffering with a brain tumor. Just last week, I heard that her time on earth was nearing an end, and I planned to make a trip for one last hug with her this week.


Big God, little gods, and Palm Leaves

Walking in the name of the Lord means living our lives in a way that pleases Him, following His commandments, and seeking His will for our lives. It means acknowledging that He is the only true God and that our allegiance lies with Him above all else.


Out with the Old and In with the New

When we read about well-known Christians who do amazing things in the name of Jesus, we can’t but marvel at their courage, deep faith, and attitudes. It’s not quite as sexy when we consider people in our own lives who do equally impressive things in the eyes of God. A friend I’ve known for almost 50 years is a perfect example.

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