About Transformation Bible Ministries (TBM)

TBM history
TBM was started as a non-profit ministry in August 2015 by David Silver in Maryland.  After starting seminary part-time in 2000 at Reformed Theological Seminary (Balt-Wash), Dave came across reference books which were surveys of Old and New Testament Commentaries.  An idea was sparked.  Why not study books of the bible by reading 2-5 of the best commentaries/books that could be found based on recommendations by scholars (in this case Tremper Longman and D.A. Carson were the authors of these surveys).  Then synthesize the material and write layman’s guides on every book of the bible.  Summary questions would be incorporated in the studies to encourage the student to delve into the text using an inductive method (observation, interpretation, and application).  An emphasis would be placed on application to seek and pray for transformation in the lives of those studying.  The leader of each study would guide interaction of the group.  Through fifteen years of experience teaching and honing with this method, TBM was started.

TBM Board
Dr. David Silver (President of TBM board) Raised a Jew, Dave became a Christian at age 19 with influence from the Navigator ministry at Lehigh University at Bethlehem, Pa.  He went on to medical school at Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine where he was involved with Christian Medical and Dental Society.  After graduating, he married Addie and they now have four children.  He finished a residency in Internal Medicine at Presbyterian Hospital in Philadelphia in 1992.  They moved to the Baltimore area where Dave has been a primary care physician for over 23 years.  He has taken several classes at Reformed Theological Seminary (Balt-Wash) part-time over several years.  He has experience in missions, prayer groups, small-groups and has taught Sunday school classes for over fifteen years.  Having founded TBM, he is eagerly continuing his study of the bible and writing layman’s guides

LaRue Lennon (Secretary of TBM board) forthcoming

TBM Vision
TBM’s vision is to teach books of the bible as the door is opened for us to do so.  Our field is the world, and our focus is on those hungry to learn and apply His Word.  May God give us the strength to finish the study guides on all the books of the bible and to make them available to anyone interested.  Conferences to teach individual books or to mentor teachers in the method mentioned will be our standard way of promulgating this ministry.

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