Weekly Devotion

Psalm 147:1

This is the perfect verse for this time of year. The holiday season can bring about some stress. We can get caught up in the small details and can easily we forget that God is in control. This is a gentle reminder to look to Christ, and everything will perfectly fall into place according to …

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Matthew 6:9-14

Jesus gave this prayer to his disciples. It is both important and an honor to address God the Father in your prayers. Being able to speak directly to the highest power is very humbling. This prayer is not only asking for guidance, but it also reminds us that we have our spiritual duties to uphold.

Peter 1:5

Through our faith, our inheritance is protected. God is guarding our eternal life in the path of Christ to those who follow him. You can feel safe under the protection of God because he is powerful! 

Ephesians 4:1

The “calling” that you receive will not be en external force. It is not talking about a dream job, a potential soulmate, or how to attain monetary abundance. This calling will come from within. It is a calling of God. You will be called into the light from darkness, and here, you will be liberated. …

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Romans 2:23

This verse serves as a reality check for ourselves. Every person has sinned and fallen short of God’s glory. Even if you know what your duty is as a follower of Christ, you will sin. Be mindful not to boast about your actions, because it could seem hypocritical. Instead, stay humble in the name of …

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Galatians 6:2-3

This passage reminds us to listen. God is telling us what is is that he wants us to do – to love each other. We must listen to this and do what Christ calls us to do. It is easy for us to be proud of ourselves when we refrain from sinning, but is that …

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